Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls Will Be Girls

So as you all know I was gone this week. I had to go up and help out my Mother-in-law. Poor thing had her knees replaced. This is a pretty rough surgery and something I hope and pray none of you ever have to do.

I rounded out the week by stopping to spend the night with a friend of mine who lives about an hour away. She went through a bad break up and needed a girls night out to take her mind off of things.

I have a lot of friends but not a single one of them lives in this town. I used to have female friends who lived close but several of them moved, a couple passed away and a couple others went on to jobs or other life changing events that demanded all their time. I know women like me, they gravitate towards me in public all the time. Maybe I should simply ask a stranger to have coffee? I am not sure what the protocol is. I keep thinking there must be lots of other women, especially artists who don't know how to find friends and I should make a website devoted to that!

It's hard to meet women when you work at home and don't have children. My husband is the boss, and his company is actually in Denver so I don't even get to meet wives of people he works with. I tried to make friends with people at the gym, but there is kind of a wall people put up when they are working out th at doesn't invite a lot of chit chat. Another friend (who lives in Portland) suggested I join a book club. I thought that was a fabulous idea since I love to read. The problem is every time I tried to go for several months in a row, something came up that day every single time that kept me from going. It was always something big that simply couldn't be put off so I finally gave up.

But I do love the friends I have. So when I stopped to visit my friend on Thursday we made the best of it. We went out to dinner, went to see "The Duchess" which was rather depressing, and then got a bottle of wine and had a nice little girl gab fest on the floor. It was so much fun! I miss having a girl to hang out with. Now I use the word girl but in truth both of us have left our girlhood behind um...well decades ago. But I also believe girls will be girls whether they are 7 or 70! We giggled like high school girls and felt very young and silly the entire time I was there.

In fact when we were at the movies, a woman had come in and sat down with two gentlemen and suddenly she stood up, pointed at us and said rather loudly; "I am going to go sit with them because they look like more fun!"

So to all you lucky ladies out there who have close friends...enjoy those girlfriends of yours! Act silly, laugh a lot and enjoy their company. Men are a wonderful thing, but they will never fill the void a close pal can!

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