Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Again

We are home. It's good to be here too. We had an amazing time in Barbados, the people were lovely, the island was lovely and the ocean was simply amazing. I will have lots of pictures and trip details to share tomorrow or the next day. I am just too exhausted right now. It took us two days to get home.

We were met at the airport by my friend who was house sitting for us. I have to tell you, she is the best house sitter ever! While we were gone, not only did she take care of our pets (who fell in love with her and are a bit mopey tonight because she left) but she weeded the back yard, cleaned my house, washed all the bedding and left us an amazing dinner of roast beef, corn on the cob, salad and jello. What a treat for weary travelers to come home to that! If you're reading this...thank you Carol, you're an angel!

I have to say though traveling is no longer as fun as it used to be. I have always adored traveling, but in this post 9/11 era it's become an ordeal. Now I certainly understand the need for security. What I don't understand the need for is for the airlines to charge you huge sums of money to fly with them and then having them treat passengers with no respect, no regard for their feelings, and to just flat out hold you hostage and at their mercy if something goes wrong. But I will expound on all that tomorrow as well.

Right now...thanks to the things that did go wrong that were beyond our control, I am going on 3 1/2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours so I need to go crawl into my warm comfy bed. Check back for details later tomorrow. Sweet dreams all!

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