Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Glass Is Half Full

Wednesday has come to a close and we are on to Thursday. That means for the first time ever hump day actually means something to me. R is on the down side of his trip, which means he closer to home. YAY! He gets to sight see tomorrow if he gets everything done. He has seen a few things, and he sent me two pics tonight. I keep vacillating between happy for him and jealous that I couldn't go. I love to travel. I want to see the whole world. All of it...yes, every single bit. *Laughs*

I am really happy that he got to go though. He hasn't ever had much interest in traveling and I hope that he discovers he loves it. Because even more than I love the idea of traveling, I love the idea of traveling with him. I want to go to Paris with him. That is my current dream/goal. Guess I better make a lot of bears and jewelry! I made a bracelet today and it turned out really pretty. My Mother loved it. I also made salmon today that was truly impressive for a girl who hates to cook!

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