Thursday, January 3, 2008

Project Runway

A while back a friend of mine got me hooked on Project Runway. I really didn't want to add another reality show to my TV repertoire, but I did because it's an easy show to get hooked into.

Tonight the girl who got eliminated, Elisa...was hands down the most gracious loser I have ever seen. I felt really bad for her, the judges were extremely harsh on her, and it was blatantly obvious that they didn't understand her vision or her work method. They say they want people to be creative, but I suspect that what they really want is people to make things that go along with the style they prefer. Tim actually said once to a contestant that the dress he was making was too pretty. Tim needs to go out in America and get in touch with real women. We like pretty.

At any rate the girl who got eliminated tonight had gone through a terrible ordeal prior to being chosen as a contestant on the show. She was hit by a car in Paris as a pedestrian. She had a 3-4 inch split in her skull and broke her neck. When I was in high school my boyfriend broke his neck in a car accident. I have seen that first hand and I know the struggle that goes with recovery from that.

When she was eliminated she was still so positive. She didn't take it as a set back or an insult to her work. I was so impressed with the way she left the show and I really hope she makes it. But considering the adversity she has already had to overcome, I think she has the perseverance to do it! Way to go Elisa!

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