Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~*~ Tallulah Rue ~*~

Here she is! Tallulah Rue is 9 inches tall and made of a velvety red mohair. I put her on ebay as a sort of last hurrah before the new rules set in:

Click here to visit her!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly! I adore her! Everything about her is darling! Great accessory choices!

Kelly said...

Thank you!

Tallulah Rue said...

Hi there. We just had a daughter 8 days ago and named her Tallulah Rue Adkins-Bonilla. Im amazed that you have the same name for your teddy. My Tallulah Rue was born 12 weeks early and was 11 inches long, compared to your Tallulah Rue that is 9 inches long....Visit her at her blog at TallulahRue.blogspot.com

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