Friday, March 7, 2008

When It Rains...

My mother has always said all things come in three's. My mother is right. I was going to try to only make really happy posts about work and stuff, but this is my place to get things out of my system, and today has been the triple crown of bad days! There was no runnin for the roses though!

I started the day off worried over my mother in fact since she had to go have a CAT scan because they think she might have cancer. Then R called and told me he found out today he has to go back to Germany on Tuesday...nothin like REALLY short notice. I will naturally worry myself sick til he lands safely and returns safely.

Then as if that wasn't enough, I went to put in gas and my card was declined! I was shocked, that has never happened. So I had to go to the office to find out what happened. Apparently some enterprising little darlings with a theft ring had stolen my number and it was locked due to an FBI investigation. So I had to go through all the junk and prove I am who I say I am and all that. You would think with proper ID that wouldn't be hard. The trouble is that when you have been run through Interpol as a suspected Irish terrorist, they look at you a little harder since you're in the system. Now of course I was never a terrorist, but we were mistaken as that on the flight back from a bear show in Japan once, and held up at customs. (It's a long story.) But once you're flagged in the system, you're flagged for good I guess.

So if anyone out there is reading this...I could use some positive energy aimed my way. I would really appreciate it, it's been kind of a rough few weeks and I am not asking for me, I am asking for my mother and R.

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