Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Doing Too Bad And An Award!

I survived the procedure today. He managed to get me numb as promised which was such a relief. However, once it wore off...I won't lie to you, it HURTS! I feel like I have been repeatedly socked in the mouth. Thank goodness for Vicodine. I slept most of the day. I just managed to suck a tiny bit of tomato soup through a straw and drink some water. So I am not doing too bad all in all.

When I finally made it down here I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. Suse from Suses Teddygarten gave me this lovely creative blogger award! Isn't that sweet, and on a day when I could certainly use something like that!

I am going to go put the ice pack back on and then go back to bed. See you soon!

Hugs K. <3


Unknown said...

Hi Kelly

The worst is over and you will soon be back to yourself. Lovely award for a lovely blog.


Carmen Wing said...

Ooh, Ouch. rest up and take it easy. Congratulations on the award - very well deserved :)

Amanda said...

Glad it went as well as it could, just think of the 'silver lining';)Take care, Amanda x

Heather said...

Good to hear it isn't *too* bad!

Sometimes I think dental work should be illegal... such as other forms of torture are.

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