Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~*~ One Eyed Jax ~*~

The rumor is that Jax once belonged to a sea captain. He had a great many adventures until that fateful day when they hit a storm so violent that not even the most accomplished sailor could sail through it unscathed. All hands were lost, save one...Jax miraculously washed ashore but he lost an eye in the process. Only Jax himself knows if it's actually true. If you ask him about it all he does is smile mysteriously.

I have noticed more and more artists are making distressed bears lately.  I love distressed bears and I am happy to see there is an upsurge in popularity.  However it pushes me to go that extra mile...or inch in this case.  He is super distressed, and I sat plucking him for three and a half hours.  My hand looked like a claw last night!

A long time ago I was setting a pair of eyes and one broke.  I finally got to the end of the bag and had that one extra eye left...so I was inspired by it.  The result is Jax.  He is the first bear I have ever made with a button eye, but I like it.  He has a sweet demeanor despite it.

You can visit Jax on my website at http://www.blondheart.com/

(Edit: Jax has been adopted and will be heading to the South of France very soon!)


ginger@bearbits said...

Super cute! What a great concept and back story.

Love his trimming too1


Kays Kids said...

Old sailors keep their stories close to their chest.He probably will never tell the true story.

Love the buttons and zip.

Heather said...

He's a real cutie! I love the idea of just one eye... and there being a story to go along with it :)

KellyJo said...

Kelly, he is REALLY CUTE!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, he's lovely, the ideal culmination of a happy accident, and going that extra mile :o)

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