Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~*~ Saskatoon ~*~

I thought since you saw his seams in the previous post, I would show you the finished piece.  Yup he was pink...and now he is blue!

(He is going to live in South Africa, how cool is that!)


Heather said...

He is a bear of a different color!!!

Southern Bears said...

Oh wow Kelly, I hope I bump into him in South Africa. He is a perfect little bear for our perfect climate.

Pat xx

MITEKO. (Mitekrolli) said...

so cute!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, after living in Saskatchewan, I was wondering what on earth you could have to say about Saskatoon - guess he's the colour of the berries!

Kelly said...

Yeah I felt "Blueberry" was too obvious. Plus my Mom and all the relatives from her side are Canadian.

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