Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Church And The Barn

Yesterday I got to have one of those girl days that I love so much!  My friend Carol and I do this a few times a year.  We usually meet in Castle Rock which is about halfway for both of us. I have told you about the places we go before, but this time I had the for thought to bring my you can actually see what we did!

First we went to eat at The Old Stone Church.  It's one of the oldest churches in Colorado, but it's been a restaurant for many years.  The food is just amazing!  I had a hazelnut crusted chicken over pasta with a cilantro pineapple butter, and a little bit of cranberry walnut salad on the side.  Yum!  Carol had shrimp and goat cheese enchiladas with a chipotle cream sauce...I almost had that.  She let me taste was insanely good!  

They also gave us a basket of flat bread with chimichurri sauce to dip it in. The sauce was SO good that I was dipping my chicken in it. The server asked if I would like some more, and I jokingly said I would like a whole jar to take home. She said they did sell it by the jar, and when you bought got the recipe for it too! Naturally a jar came home with me.

Next we headed down the block to The Barn.  It really is an old barn.

It sits right next to the Purina Chows company.

But inside it's unassuming exterior lies delights that can barely be described!

Every vendor gets a little room for their wares.

This is just a small sampling of the many rooms!  They have a real eye for vendors that fit a certain style and it would be easy to spend thousands in there!

While I didn't spend thousands, I did get some lovely little treasures, including the grey scarf in the back, some small reproduction french letters, a key chain and two necklaces.

I also got a carved crow, and a couple of handmade flowers.  I didn't show you everything I bought.  I got a lovely feather flower but Penelope was trying very hard to help me with it so I decided to put it back on my jewelry amoire safely out of little kitty paws reach!  I got some really pretty leg warmers and a truly beautiful headband with a flower on it too.  I am wearing the headband though, so it didn't make it into the picture either.

This is just a close up of the swan lake and the Paris necklaces I just had to have!  

They have added a small building to the left of the Barn called The Barn Too, which was filled with more delights including the shabby pink table with it's scalloped edge.  I thought it would make the perfect stand for my TV, so after some careful maneuvering we managed to get it into the back seat of my car!

It was a really fun day, and also so great to see my friend.  I know if you knew her you would love her as much as I do.  She is just this fun, cool, sophisticated lady with a little bit of an edge...there is NO ONE else like her!


Waynestonbears said...

The necklaces are beautiful!

Amanda said...

Looks like the best day out.

Love your Halloween collection, you are always the best at Halloween.

Kays Kids said...

I would like that Barn to be around the corner from me. Sounds like a lovely day

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I think I could get lost in that barn for days! Glad you enjoyed your day :o)

Wish You Were Here Mom said...

What a great day to share with your friend. Thank you for sharing with us! I love your new pink shabby table and the necklaces are perfection! Hugs, Janice

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