Friday, December 30, 2011

You Are On The Right Path

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  I know I did.  It was quiet, but that's ok sometimes.  We opened presents with my parents via Skype, had prime rib and just enjoyed the day.  I asked for two small things, but R spoiled me pretty well in the present department despite my assurance I didn't want anything else. 

But now that Christmas is over and the last embers of 2011 are about to go out, and I am waiting for the bright new flame of 2012 to ignite...I find myself thinking back over this year.  What stood out?

There were many things that stood out...both for the good and the bad, but the first thought my mind went to was a similiar conversation I had with several artists at different times throughout the year.  So I want to leave this year by giving you all some words of encouragement.

In nearly every full time working artist's life they have that "what if" moment.  I have had it, you've probably had it, and several of my friends had it this past year.  The what if moment goes something like this; What if I should doing something more important with my life?  What if I should have a bigger job?  What if I should be making a larger contribution to the world?  What if what I do is frivolous and meaningless?  What if my life is on the wrong path?

It's part of the nature of being an artist to have moments of self doubt.  They creep into your brain at unexpected moments.  But over the years I have learned a very important lesson.  All works are important.  There are no small jobs.  We are making a large contribution to the world.  Frivolous plays an important role.

I want you to imagine a world where we are all lawyers defending the innocent, doctors working on a cure for cancer or saving lives, erecting tall buildings, playing a political role, shaping the financial structure of a country, teaching the youth of your city, or trying to save the planet.  Those are important things.  Maybe right now, this second after reading that you don't feel like what you do is worthwhile compared to those jobs.

But can you imagine a world where everyone did those things and nothing else?  At first glance that might seem like a nice world.  But it would also mean a world where there is no art, no music, nothing that makes you happy just for it's existence.  No teddy bears to hug.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty dreary place.

Lets suppose all artists had chosen to become doctors instead.  Lets suppose that we save so many more lives by our being doctors.  What would we be saving those lives for?  Would you want your life extended in a world where there was no frivolity, no cute, no fun just for the sake of fun?

It's noble to think we should want to do something more important in those moments of self doubt.  But I will tell you two is that there is more to saving lives than the science behind it.  And the second is that the universe is a far older and wiser thing than we are, and it's a balanced place.  The perfect yin and yang system.  It's designed that way for harmony and well being of the whole.  As artists we are upholding our end of that perfect balance.  That seems pretty important if you ask me.

So as we wind down this year and reflect on what we might want to change or do better for the coming year...just know in your heart that you are on the right path.  You are doing an important job.  What you do does have meaning.  So whatever changes you choose to make, let them reflect the path your life is supposed to take.  Don't second guess yourself.  You are doing just fine!

Have a safe and happy New Year!  Hugs, K. <3


Katy Cameron said...

Hope you have a fabulous new year!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Another lovely and thought-provoking post, Kelly. Thank you!!


Susan Hopkirk Artworks said...

Wow...I needed that! Thank you for such encouraging and inspiring words.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!



KristiKringle said...

This was such a special post Kelly and a wonderful New Year's Eve gift. It brought tears to my eyes- I appreciated the encouragement so much!
Wishing you a Happy (and Healthy!- no injuries) New Year!

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