Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Won't Believe It

Ok so if you actually ventured over to look at this post, you're probably thinking...Kel, why am I looking at this disgusting picture of your foot?   I know...but it's so bizarre, I just have to tell you. 

As you know I am oh so, SOOO clumsy.  But sometimes my little mishaps just defy logic...and gravity! 

Last night I took a nap until about 2 am, then I got up and finished all my cleaning and stuff I had to do.  About 7:30 am, I decided to have a little nap until my parents arrived. 

I was sleeping soundly when they arrived at 12:30.  I got up and grabbed my bathrobe off the hook.  I have done that hundreds of times without incident.  The hook I have for it is this heavy, decorative metal thing with a big ceramic tile in the center of it.  It's very and stuff.  Well today somehow when I grabbed my robe it caught and pulled the hook off of the nail and it flipped in the air and came smashing down on my toe. 

Long story short...ok maybe it's too late for that...but toe is broken.  Can you believe it?  What are the odds on a thing like that?  It's just crazy.  Plus I think the doctor is starting to think R is abusing me!  (Not really.)

The worst part is it's on the other leg from my knee.  Today I am taking my Mother up to The Barn in Castle Rock for shopping.  She always hears me rave about it, and she wanted to go.  So I will be hobbling around with a double limp!  *Giggles*  I am such a mess!

Sorry for subjecting you to the pic!  It actually looks better than it does in person though!

Oh and I guess Blogger is working on the blurry header problem.  It's not just me who has this glitch.  It's some issue with Picassa.


Katy Cameron said...

Yowie! Hope the shopping trip isn't too painful...

KellyJo said...

You silly girl. If it's not one thing it's something else. :o) But, what was the result of your MRI? (Have fun with your folks!)

Kays Kids said...

Some people have all the bad luck. I hope this means next year, everything will go smoothly.

Kelly said...

Thanks guys! I had to postpone the follow up Kelly Jo, I am going in on Wednesday to find out.

Kay I don't really consider it bad luck though, just clumsiness!

Heather said...

I think this is a message that you are supposed to sit back and relax for the holidays, LOL!

Kelly said...

After tomorrow Heather!

julietk said...

Oh Dear Kelly :-( did you walk like John Wayne :-D

Amanda said...

Crickey, don't do anything else!

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