Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling Terrified

 I hope you all had a lovely Easter!  Mine was pretty low key, we didn't even have Easter dinner because I was still sick and we had big sandwiches for we weren't hungry.  We are going to have it tomorrow night.

About a month ago I told you that I had to send Ridley back to the doggie rescue that we got him from.  They tried to find him a home, and then he started biting and snapping at people.  They said for insurance reasons they couldn't take him to the adoption fairs and they asked me to foster him until they found him a home.  I was completely puzzled.   He had never been aggressive and I couldn't imagine why he was doing this all of a sudden.

When I picked him up last Saturday they told me that they thought he was overweight and had reduced his food to a cup and a half a day.  Now Ridley is a border collie and a very large, active  dog.  When they told me that, I understood why he was biting people...he was hungry!  He wasn't overweight at all either.

Tomorrow I go in to this new doctor and he is going to put me on a six week HCG detox program starting Tuesday.  I don't process food right, and we need to restart my system so to speak.  I am overweight, but I don't really eat that much, and I eat fairly healthy.  I am not running any marathons, but I am also not a complete couch potato.  I was feeling pretty encouraged over this whole process because he assured me there are no chemicals and no side effects....that is until I spoke to him Friday. 

I knew there would be dietary restrictions, but what I didn't learn until Friday was that I have to go down to 500 calories a day.  Also no fat at all.  The no fat isn't so bad, but 500 calories is starvation mode for your body.  There are side effects from that.  Aside from fat loss, you can lose muscle.  You can also mess up your thyroid, and I already have hypothyroidism.  Now I have it completely controlled with Synthroid, but I don't want to upset that balance.  Most frightening of all, is that hair loss is a possibility too.  I want to be thinner so I am healthier...but I do NOT want to be thinner and bald!  My hair is down to my tailbone.  It took forever to get it that long.  The thought of it falling out utterly paralyzes me with fear.  Plus like Ridley I am nervous I am going to want to start biting people!

I am curious if any of you have done this program...and if so, what were your results, thoughts and views on this?  I could really use some insight if any of you have any.   I do know that they used to do it as an injection, and that there used to be a chemical component involved.  But it has been changed to remove the chemicals and now it's drops.  So the HCG is safer.  But 500 calories a day...that is very little, and 6 weeks is a long time.  I am also afraid that any weight I lose will return when I start eating a bit more. 

Edit:  I have decided to push it back a week before I do anything.  I have been sick for about 4 days, and then last night after I posted this I got some very bad news, which has me terrified in a different I am not in the right physical or mental shape to do this today.  I will keep you posted.


Joy said...

Hi Kelly, cant help on the detox thing. Not something I have even done. I do, have an under-active thyroid so completely with you on the starvation thing affecting that. I am also coeliac (gluten intolerant) and my thyroid problem wasn't diagnosed for months because I did not put on loads of weight. Now, my mother is not coeliac, she has been recently tested. She does find however that by cutting wheat out out of her diet, she feel heaps better and more importantly loses some weight. Now, Mum is obviously older than you and probably much less active (she is a bit of of a CP) and not a naturally thin person at all. I only mention it in case its a less drastic thing to try. Obviously, I have no medical knowledge but my daughter has a couple of friends in their twenties that swear by it for health reason. She is even thinking of going down this route also. What I do know is that dietarily speaking, wheat is one of the most indigestible things in the western diet. Just my penneth worth and may help.

Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, I've never done that program (though I'm giggling slightly at the idea of you chasing after people and biting them right now, sorry!)

I remember going several rounds with my doctor over my weight a few years ago. As far as he was concerned, I ate healthily - pastas, salads etc, but I was slowly but surely piling on weight. Like you I wasn't an underactive person and I was completely frustrated. In the end I managed, with the help of a friend, to narrow it down to the fact that my healthy diet included a lot of carbs, so I ended up doing the South Beach diet, which is low fat, and carb free for the first 2 weeks, after which, you reintroduce the good carbs a little at a time until you have a balanced, healthy diet. The diet was designed for people with heart problems that couldn't exercise initially, other than the odd walk, so you don't need to take up marathon running either ;o) I lost about 50 pounds all told, although it took a few months to get there.

Kelly said...

Joy, I appreciate you taking time to tell me this. I don't really eat much wheat though. I am not a breads and grains person. I eat a lot of chicken and fish and veggies. The reason I am not losing weight is because I am not processing food correctly. It's an amino acid problem. The point of this is to reset my hypothalamus. But it's still very scary.

Katy, you know I can chase people down on a good day and bite them...can you imagine what I will do when I am hungry? XD

Kays Kids said...

I feel for you and have no solutions.
Just be informed with all the knowledge you can get, and then make a decision.
Good luck.

Amanda said...

I hope they can help you, very worrying.

Waynestonbears said...

All the best for the detox Kelly. I heard that you can only drink fruits and vegetables juices during the period. I will be rooting for you! Hugs, Wayne

Heather said...

Oh no! When it rains it pours!!! I really hope everything works out ok! I can't help you with advice on any of these medical issues... but if you've ever got a heart problem, lol!!!

I would bite people too, I don't blame either of you.

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

I'll be holding you in my heart, Kelly. ((((HUGS)))

Kathy said...

Good luck with the detox, I have no ideas for you. But wish you the best.
As far as the doggie, awww, so sad. But I am happy you are trying to help him.
Much luck...

Wish You Were Here Mom said...

Kelly, just want you to know that prayers are coming for everything you are facing, prayers for comfort and wisdom. xoxo, Janice

Kelly said...

Thank you all so much. I am fine, I just have a little cold. But another member of my family is not fine. So...that's where I am at right now.

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