Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Switch Over

In case you may have been wondering why I haven't been posting much lately...or even if you haven't noticed, I have been working on a very big project. Sadly my computer was 3 years old, and while it was working fine it just couldn't keep up any more, and I had a good wait to look at things even with cable. That's the sad part of computers. They become obsolete before their time.

I was trying to hold out for a new one until July because I wanted one for my birthday. I got my birthday present a little early, in fact I got it yesterday. So I had the arduous task of moving all my files, after spending three days cleaning off my desk. It was scary how much stuff I had on it. The migration programs weren't compatible so I had to do it manually. I have zillions of picture files, because I take too many pictures, I like to draw pixels and I had all my website images.

It took me hours and hours to rebuild my website, but I am glad I had to do it manually. I ran across something I had been trying to figure out how to do. I am fairly savvy with all that, but I am completely self taught, so every once in a while something escapes me for a while that I want to learn. Luckily I figured it out tonight. It's that silver lining thing I guess.

I got a hybrid this time, and the tower is tiny, but the monitor is HUGE! HUGEEEEEEE! It's also quite a shock to how blurry my other one really was. It seemed quite clear until I saw this screen. The clarity is mind blowing. So that's why I have been silent on my blog for the most part. But I am almost all done with everything so it's upward and onward to other frivolous things like laundry and bear making! *grins*

I have a topic I want to post about in reserve, so I will be back to my usual soon...very soon. Until then I hope you're all doing well.

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