Thursday, March 12, 2009

Power Mesh?

Yesterday afternoon I received a swimsuit I ordered in the mail. I hadn't bought a new suit in about ten years. I had gotten several for my last tropical trip and then after that when I had the shoulder surgery I was swimming a lot to regain the strength in it.

The over chlorinated pool at the gym wreaked havoc on those suits and I found myself in serious need of a new one for this upcoming vacation. Despite being a nearly recovered shop-a-holic who loves fashion and color, I am pretty boring when it comes to swimsuits and sun glasses. While I have a couple other colors of both I tend to prefer basic black. I am not sure why, it is what it is.

I ordered the suit shown above in black, and when I took it out of the package yesterday the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was. The description said it was lined with something called power mesh. It's pretty common for suits to have some sort of flimsy "control panel" type lining in them so I didn't think much about it. I tried the suit on and was surprised at how well it fit. I am long in the torso so I have found a lot of suits are too short. One of the main appeals of this one was that it has adjustable straps.

I have to tell ya I don't know what power mesh is made of, but they should call it chain mail and get it over with! Whoever the inventors of power mesh are, they have taken control to a new level!!! I don't think those Machiavellian girdles my Grandmother used to wear held her in as well. I swear I looked 30 pounds thinner, but yet the suit isn't too small. I also couldn't breathe. I guess that's ok though since when you swim you tend to hold your breath anyway. I just hope the weight of this thing doesn't drag me to the bottom of the ocean like an anchor!

I am having mixed emotions about it. While it's the most constricting garment I have ever worn (and I have worn a few since I have been known to sacrifice comfort for beauty on occasion) it's also like a miracle! There is a demented side of my brain that wonders if I could get an entire wardrobe made out of this stuff! I better get it all to match blue since I will never be able to breathe again...


Mia Sophia said...

I love those constricting bathing suits. Now if only they could do something about my thighs!

Amanda said...

It does look a nice design. Last year I treated myself to some new bikinis, I love those designers too, in my case, was gel inserts to lift bits that should never be that low! I'm off in May too, Turkey, the med coast.

julietk said...

LoL Kelly, wow I think I need a few items of clothing made of that stuff. The suit sounds great, hope you don't sink x Juliet

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