Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Long Winter

For some reason this winter has seemed so long. It's been warming up here a bit, but the wind has been blowing like crazy and I still can't go out and enjoy it because it feels cold. Cold air, pollen and dust are my worst asthma and allergy triggers.

We are going to Barbados in May for our 20th anniversary and I want to go now. Right NOW! I am so ready for warm tropical beaches and blue water. We haven't been anywhere warm and tropical since we went to Playa del Carmen for our 10th anniversary unless you count Vegas and I don't. R gets to go to Phoenix next week for work and I am so jealous. I love Phoenix since I went to college there. It's going to be warm there.

I can't seem to get motivated this week either. I need to finish the bear I am working on and it's been going slowly. It's not that I don't want to finish or am unhappy with it in some way. In fact I love the color and it's coming along beautifully, I just feel this odd need to hibernate. I could happily go crawl back in bed right now.

I need to have something ready for my ad in nine days and I finally have a vague idea what it's going to look like...I think...*frowns* I have had some ideas for a few things, including a celebration of color pictorial I want to do on my other blog but I can't seem to get up to go do them. I also need to clean the powder room...don't want to do that either. I just need to find some energy and motivation that doesn't come out of a coffee cup!

I guess I will haul my posterior out of this chair and go do...something...


customteddys said...
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customteddys said...

OK, I'll try this again, and try to spell the words Hang in there, Kelly. A little hibernating won't hurt you... you seem to have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm most of the time. Spring will come... even though it is still snowing here in Alaska as we speak. Have faith! Hugs, Vicki and the bears

Kelly said...

Yeah I guess compared to Alaska...the winter here shouldn't seem so long!

Hibernating is great if you don't have deadlines, sadly I do.

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