Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Above It All 2008

Every year in Colorado Springs we have the Balloon Classic, and I went again this year and took some pics. I wanted to share a few of those, because they are so pretty. This year they didn't have as many shaped balloons, but they did have "Arky" which was new. It was really cute. After they take off, they touch down on Memorial Lake before taking off again. There was practically no wind so the water was very still and the reflection was beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pics!


Laura Lynn said...

WOW....those photos are outstanding!!!!

Kelly said...

Thank you Laura!

Bev said...

beautiful pictures! I'm sorry we didn't get down there to see all of the ballons, but I could see some of them in the sky from our house

I'm glad to find you again and to see that you are still making bears -- seems like a lifetime ago that we shared breakfast and a stroll in Nevada City

Lookin' good!!

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