Friday, September 12, 2008

Just A Little Slice Out Of Life On A Rainy Night

It's been raining buckets in my little corner of Colorado today. We get that every time there is a hurricane in Texas. I feel bad for the people who get hit with these storms down there. But today I want to tell you about a person here.

Every September we have a big craft show here at Rock Ledge Ranch. I like to go to it, it's usually a nice afternoon out and a way to kind of cap off summer. So last night I wanted to run to the drive through at the bank and get some cash so I could get in. It was raining so hard that I put it off until almost 2 am. When I finally decides to go, I noticed something across the drive from the bank at the bagel place. Under the light I saw a wagon and a pile of torn blue tarp that I could only surmise housed a human being. I couldn't see them though.

I went through the drive through and looked at this huddle for a moment. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to sleep under a tarp on the cold cement on a night like that. So I went to the Conoco and got the biggest cup of hot coffee I could find along with a sandwich, muffin and a banana.

I went back and walked up to them. I know some of you will be thinking right about now that was a foolish and dangerous thing to do. But I figured that people simply up to no good and/or scammers wouldn't be out sleeping in this kind of rain. When he pulled back the tarp he reminded me vaguely of a younger version of Santa Claus.

He might have been 35 or 55, I don't know it was hard to tell. I do know he didn't look like a drug addict or a drunk. He just looked like a very tired man down on his luck. He was really appreciative of the coffee and food and he thanked me.

When I drove home I felt really bad for him. I packed up a quilt, my favorite hoodie because it's big and comfy and thick, a fleece pullover, a couple books and some extra garbage bags to keep his stuff dry. He seemed surprised I came back, and I asked him if there was anyone I could call for him. He said he was traveling to Pueblo. It's only 35 miles away but being all alone, I was afraid to ask him to get into my car, or else I would have given him a ride. Even though I think he was harmless I couldn't be sure.

I have been laying in bed thinking about this man and trying not to cry. I wished I could have really done something to properly help him out. I hope he is alright. I hope he makes it to Pueblo safely. I am not the sort of person who asks for prayers from people online too much even though I believe in God and pray for people myself. But today I am going to ask.

I don't know what brought him to his current circumstances, but I do know that any of us could end up the same way with a simple twist of fate in the wrong direction. So I ask you, pray for this man...pray for everyone in the same circumstances. Maybe include a little prayer for all the people in the path of hurricane Ike. Thank God that you're warm and safe and dry and not sleeping on the pavement in the rain. I just hope he is ok...

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