Monday, September 22, 2008

Creation And Clean Up

Creation is messy. Any time anyone creates anything, there is always left over mess to be cleaned up. My husband did a major renovation in my bathroom. It looks amazing, but the mess left over is horrifying! I swear the man rolled in grout and then brushed against every surface between there and the garage at least 3 times. So today while he is at work creating a mess for someone else to clean up, I am here cleaning up my bathroom...and landing...and foyer...and stairs...and doors...and the banister...and...*groans*

Once I am done with that, I get to create a new bear to put on etsy. I have a spot in Tuesday's Main Showcase so I want to make sure I have ten items available for that. When I am done I will have to clean up my own mess left over from creation.

I have to wonder...are the stars and planets just left over mess from the creation of the universe? Maybe someone is coming our way with a giant bottle of windex!

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