Friday, November 7, 2008

A Thousand Words

Several events today led me to making this post. I was going to post about something else actually, but I decided I wanted to post about this instead.

Every nano second on the internet a thousand words are posted, some are good and some aren't. Words are energy we expell into the universe and as we have learned in basic physics energy gathers more energy as it travels along it's path. Energy cannot be destroyed so once you put it out there, it's out there forever.

Karma is an idea that what you do in this life will come back on you in the next. But recently the concept of karma has metamorphed more into a "you reap what you sow" concept and that it will come back on you in this life. I don't profess to know when it comes back but I am quite certain that what you do does return to you at some point.

When I got into my car there was a song playing on a CD that I have called "A Thousand Words." It's about a bad relationship, but I think many of the phrases in the song could easily be applied to the internet. My husband is always fond of telling me that my hard work in all my internet venues will pay off sales wise, like it used to at shows. He also said some day people will see me for the person I really am in those same venues. My husband was right. In the same vein, a friend of mine today said; "Everything said in darkness comes to will be your turn to see favor."

But I think my turn has already come. For a long time I was considered a trouble maker in certain areas by a handful of people. I always left feeling bad for expressing a different point of view or standing by my convictions. But after a friend of mine came to me today to tell me about something that occurred that upset her in this same area, I realized that maybe I wasn't the cause of the problems. From what I learned today, my absence hasn't stopped it either. I run my social network; Mohair Divas, I belong to the Lollishops Guild with nearly a thousand members where I am an active paticipant, I moderate on two sites one of which has 30,000 members, and I belong to an Etsy team. There hasn't been one ounce of drama on any of those sites from anyone, including me. Hmmm, interesting.

Recently we had a contest on Lollishops to win a spot in beta testing by bringing in new members. I immediately went and posted the link in the Etsy Team blog so anyone who hadn't heard about it could apply. Someone pointed out that was really nice of me to bring my own competitors to the site. I don't look at it that way, I look at it like the more the merrier. As it turned out I won a spot. I really hadn't even imagined that I would win because there are so many people who were trying to win and they had more contacts than I. But I just wanted to share the link so people could have a chance to sell on this great new site. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to a PM this morning saying I won! I could't have done it with without the bear artists who applied. They didn't have to say I was the one who referred them, but they took the time to do it.

What is all this random posting leading to you ask? Well I had a sort of an epiphany...the internet is a pretty good place when you go to the right areas, the people on the internet are pretty nice, and I am pretty nice too. The only people who seem to cause problems are the ones who are too busy using a thousand words to tell others how to behave instead of tending their own garden so to speak.

I feel very blessed and happy to know the people I do now. So in a round about way this was my way of thanking everyone in my sphere on the internet. You make me happy and restore my faith that the virtual world is a good place. Hugs to you all!

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Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Excellent post. Congratulations on your selection; you deserve it. I can't abide snarky, mean drama, and I, too, am happy where I've landed. My best to you and your new LolliShop!

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