Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sneek Peek

I just finished putting R on a plane to Phoenix for a week. He is going to be taking a masters class that's work related. He is pretty excited about it, he has wanted to take it for a while now and the company finally got him in. I guess it's a popular class and they had to buy him new equipment to the tune of 15k. They have so much faith in him though, and that's a nice thing for him but I sure am going to miss him this week!

On my own work front, I have been working on patterns! I haven't gotten the simple bear done yet, but I did make a new 15 1/2 inch bear pattern that I am feeling quite enthused about. Balbina is the first one and she is done, but not costumed yet. So being the modest little bear that she is, I am only giving you a teaser!

I am going to take a nap, and when I get up...I will start figuring out what she might like to wear. I am sure it will be something fun!

Update: Balbina is dressed, and ready to have her picture taken tomorrow. I feel so happy over the way she turned out. It's nice to nail a pattern on the first try! But I really managed to get the shape and design I wanted. I hope you will all like her too!

1 comment:

Southern Bears said...

She certainly is a lovely colour so she needs something quite outrageous don't you think?

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