Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Stuff!

Today has been pretty fun. I started off with an interesting e-mail. Briarhurst Manor had seen my post about Valentines Day and wanted to add my "ghost" story to their website. I don't know that it was that exciting since all that happened was my hair got caught or pulled and R was teasing me that it was the ghost. However they had the following to say:

"We have been having a lot of these incidents happening lately, especially when children have been in the Castle or on one of our historical tours. We believe that the entity that is doing the hair pulling is the child Freddie Schneider of the original groundskeeper Frederick Schneider, who died on the property in the early 1890's. Thanks for sharing with us."

I don't know what to say exactly, maybe it was...maybe it wasn't. *grins*

Then we went to the mall, where I spent too much on some clothes to get ready for our vacation to Barbados in May. I also went into Borders and was pleasantly surprised to find the new issue of Somerset Studio. The first co-op ad I did with Lollishops is in it. So that was pretty exciting!

Then we stopped at the Elephant Bar for dinner, came home, watched a bad movie and I took a nice long nap.

When I got up I got an e-mail about my little bluebird. She is going to be winging her way to Belgium to live with Mireille Bejign of Bearytale Teddies who makes the most wonderful and fun bears. I really like the ones with the butterfly wings!

Now I am going to go work on my new pattern! Today is supposed to nice and warm so I am going to try to get some yard work done.

1 comment:

julietk said...

Hi Kelly I am just catching up, you have been busy blogging :D Hope your new pattern comes out happy, :D Juliet

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