Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking It Easy

The last couple days I haven't gotten a single thing done that I would have liked to. I had to cancel an appointment for a facial too. I was sad I had to cancel it, because I have never had a professional one before. I am used to doing it on my own, and I was looking forward to the treat, but I knew I wouldn't be able to sit there for an hour.

I did get a start on that pattern finally, but then my kidney's started acting up. Luckily they don't do it all that often despite having PKD, but when they do, I don't get much done. I have no energy, I ache all over, I run a fever, I sleep a lot, and I can't eat.

R brought home a bottle of cranberry juice for me. Doctors will tell you that it doesn't do much, but I disagree. It always fixes me right up to drink it. The problem is that pure cranberry juice has to be one of the most vile beverages on the planet. I am not talking about that nice Ocean Spray Cranberry I am talking about all cran, no sugar, no other juices...nothing. If you've never had it, it's extremely bitter and acidic.

It took me three hours tonight to get a big water glass full down. Hopefully by tomorrow I should be on the mend and I will be back to blog more and maybe even give you a sneak peek of a new bear.


FenBeary Folk said...

Hi Kelly hope you are feeling better soon, can't wait to see the new bears
Sue xx

Kelly said...

Thank you Sue! I am cutting one out right now. It's not the new pattern quite yet though...but it should still be a pretty bear. ^___^

Amanda said...

Look after yourself, I like the new Blog design too. Until tomorrow!

ginger@bearbits said...

Bleah! Straight cranberry juice! I feel for you. I sure hope you get well soon and can return to doing what you love without anything to slow you down.

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