Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Comfy Corner

I still haven't sorted through my trip pics, and I apologize. I will get there. I have been really busy getting caught up on things since I came home, and nursing a sick dog, Buster. (He has two compressed discs.) Tonight I was thinking about my blog though.

You know how after a long day of working hard, you just want to be at home and lay on the sofa or curl up in your comfy chair with your quilt and look at pretty magazines or watch a favorite show you recorded? It's a nice little respite from the hectic world outside. You can relax, let your mind wander and breathe deeply because it's safe and comfortable and filled with personal, familiar things that make you happy.

I realized a while back that my blog has become that place for me on the internet. I struggled for a long time to figure out my responsibility as a blogger and what was appropriate to put into it. What was expected of me and what people wanted to read. I didn't always follow those expectations, but every word we write or utter comes out of us for a reason.

I have finally come to a place where it's my little respite from the hectic outside world of the virtual highway. I can fill it with pretty pictures, happy thoughts, encouraging things I want to say to others who might have the same fears and insecurities I do, and little tidbits from my life. It's comfortable and filled with familiar things just like my house. It's reassuring, and I like taking a few minutes out of my day to relax here.

Over the last few years the purpose and direction of my blog has changed. At first I didn't know what to say. Then it was a place to exercise my demons and to give the impression I am being "heard" even if no one read it. It slowly became a place to get to know myself and my place in the world better, although none of those things were intentional.

Now I am content when I come to post. Through blogging, I have realized that I like my life quite a bit, I've become a happier person than I thought I could be, and that the world is a very small place where we share the same spirit through our inspiration, self doubts, ideas and all around love of one another that translates through our works.

I can't say it won't change directions again. I guess that's part of any journey...discovery of new lands even if they reside inside yourself. But for now it's my comfy corner, and I love it here. I love meeting all of you, and reading your comments. I have tried to turn it into a positive place that you will enjoy as much as I do, but without artifice. I have always remained true to myself, and that will never change. I don't live in a perfect world or have a perfect life, but I have worked hard to make it a happy one. I am delighted you've decided to come along for the ride in my comfy corner of the internet.

Hugs, K <3

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I hear you! I too love that moment when you can lose yourself in a book or TV programme, its so nice you get as much from your Blog as people do reading it. Plus it looks nice, a pick me up. All the best, Amanda x

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