Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heading South

Tomorrow we start our journey homeward. We had a truly lovely time here. Today we went on the Gates Of The Mountain cruise, walked through Reeders Alley and The Gulch, and dined out twice after having a big breakfast at home. I don't think I have eaten so many meals in one day in years.

We weren't actually going to leave until Thursday, but I forgot how long it takes to get here, and we decided it's just too much for one day. We would be getting home far too late for our friend who is playing house sitter to go back home to Denver. I invited her to stay over another night, but she has to catch a plane to Texas and can't. So I don't want to cause her to be rushing either.

While it's always wonderful to travel and see and do things, and visit...there is something equally wonderful about going home too. Home is where the heart is, but it's also where your sweats, your comfy chair and your own bed is. Not to mention I miss my bratty little pets. We should get in Thursday sometime in the afternoon.

I am not used to so many people around me every waking moment, and I took a little quiet time this evening on the porch after everyone else went to bed. It was nice just sitting there looking out over the dark mountainside down to the city lights. The weather is still warm and all was quiet except the sound of the crickets and a very gentle breeze blowing the flowers by the porch. I tried to take a couple pics of the lights, I am not sure how they will come out though.

I should have quite a few pictures to share when I get back. I would have been able to do it now, but I didn't bring my cord and I didn't realize my card in my newer camera wasn't compatible with my laptop.

Think of me driving through the vast emptiness of Wyoming tomorrow!

Until Thursday...hugs, K <3


Amanda said...

Sounds wonderful. We only see those long road trips in the movies, I often wonder what its must be like driving along, mile after mile and not see much traffic. Safe trip home.

North River Valley Akitas Puppies for Sale said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip home! I bet all your little bears miss you!
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Carol Roll said...

What a wonderful time your having. I hope you get to post pictures of it all. I really like your blog and your bears are ADORABLE!!

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