Friday, April 23, 2010

The Sampler Platter

I don't know what it's doing in your part of the world, but it seems as if Colorado is trying to cram all 4 seasons into two days. We have had a veritable sampler platter of weather.

Yesterday we had warm sunshine and when I ran errands I wore a tank top and sandals. Later that afternoon there were Tornado warnings and I believe one actually sat down East of us, out in the country. Last night we had thunder, lightning, rain and hail so bad I thought it was going to break the window. We had to shut down all the electronics and appliances. There were so many downed leaves afterward that it looked like Fall.

This afternoon there was so much snow they had to close the freeway between Denver and Monument. I saw pictures on the news, it looked like Christmas. R had a hard time getting home. He had to take the back roads.

I sincerely hope Spring returns soon.


Amanda said...

Crickey, thats some weather! I thought the UK had fuuny weather patterns but that wins hands down. Saying that we are due a lovely warm sunny day, no April showers for the moment. I hope Spring comes back soon for you, it makes everything feel so good.

KellyJo said...

What part of Colorado are you in? I'm in Northern New Mexico and we got the same weather here. Wednesday we were out getting a start on our tans, then rain Thursday, Thursday night into Friday it snowed. Yikes, really? Come on now, it really needs to make up it's mind. Of course, my vote is for spring weather. :D

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