Sunday, April 25, 2010

Think Think Think

I feel like Winnie The Pooh tapping his temple and saying think think think. I think sometimes I drive myself crazy on purpose. Maybe it makes life more interesting? I don't know. Maybe I don't do it on purpose, maybe I just can't help it.

Over the past two months I have made about 6 new layouts for my website. There is nothing wrong with any of them. In fact some of them are really quite nice. I just don't want to use any of them. They aren't what I want. Maybe it's because I have been staring at them too long. I am not sure what I want to be honest. I have too many ideas. That's part of the trouble.

So I am curious, what do you like to see when you go to a shopping site? Do you just want to click on thumbnails and get right down to business or do you like it to be a bit more adventurous? (Adventurous does not mean hard to navigate!) I need some feedback.

Thanks all!

Hugs, Kelly


Heather said...

The *ONLY* thing I've ever found difficult about navigating your website is that the purchase buttons cover the actual price of your products.

This could be because I'm on a mac... but I can never see how much things cost!

Other than that, every incarnation I've seen so far has been very easy to use because somewhere, very visible, you always have the menu bar with options (bears, animals, trinkets, etc)


Kelly said...

I had no idea, that's good to know Heather. I don't think I have ever even looked at a Mac in my life. So I had no idea it was different. BUT what I will do is include the price in the mouse over info.

Thank you!

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