Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Funny Little Surprise

You may have noticed that I removed yesterday's post.  Before I start today's post I want to explain why.  As it turned out the article on the TSA that had me so upset was retracted by the media.  Apparently it didn't all happen quite the way they originally printed the story.  So in light of that I felt that it was only right to remove it.

Now on to today's post which is much happier!

This afternoon I went out to get the mail, there was the usual junk, magazines and bills.   But there was also an odd little envelope that felt rather thick.  I couldn't imagine what it was.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything.  When I opened it, there was a cloth pouch inside.  It was black with stars and a little star button holding it closed.  It's far cuter than the picture shows.
   When I opened it, I saw that it said "What's in the stars for you Leo?"  It still was very mysterious.
 Inside was a cleverly worded card for 15% off of my entire purchase at Anthropologie.   I found that pretty darned exciting, since that is my very favorite store in the whole world!  I know it's a way to get people to come in and spend money...but you know what...it worked!  I will definitely be going up to Denver next month to happily use it.  (We don't have one here.)

I love it when businesses go the extra distance.  We have gotten used to individuals doing that, but big businesses don't usually do things like that.  When is the last time you got something in a nice fabric pouch, that in itself was like a little gift...or even something that made you feel special from a big business?  It really made me smile, and reminded me why I love that store so much!


Heather said...

That is so cool... and it's nice to see a store that understands the little things. If only more companies realized how much more we'd spend if they just did stuff like this XD

Kelly said...

It's true though. A small thing can make such a difference!

Anonymous said...

I am a LEO! Although my birthday is not until August, and I am sure all I am looking forward to is 25% off from the Goodwill. That is very cool, especially to arrrive so sweetly packaged. Classy

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Hi Kelly! I just found your blog and LOVE your little bears!!!
How awesome! I love that Anthropologie did that for you! I've been to two of there stores, here in Manhattan, both pretty wonderful!


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