Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

R watching the Super Bowl today with his little "lapdog" Ridley.  I know you have never seen a pic of him because he hates to have his pic taken.  But I forced him to hold still while I did it.  He wasn't very happy about it, but I told him you guys didn't believe he was real!


Kays Kids said...

What a handsome guy. Why haven't we seen him before?

Heather said...

hehehe, it looks like he's got too tight a grip on Ridley, either that, or the both of them feel the same way about having their photo taken!! XD

Katy Cameron said...

Is it because he thought we're be rude and say he wasn't a lap dog? Oh no, wait, you weren't talking about that 'R' were you ;o)

Kelly said...

Bahahahahaha Katy you so bad!

Well Heather Ridley was pretty squirmy.

Kay he really is a handsome guy, that pic isn't even that good of him. He just has huge issues with his pic. I don't know why.

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