Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tea Party

Hi everyone, I know I haven't been posting much.  R has been out of town all week.  He is coming home tomorrow and leaving again on Sunday.  I am going to be all alone on Valentines Day, for the first time in decades.  He isn't very happy about it either.  But I guess that's the price of being a valuable asset to the company.  I am proud of him, but I miss him.

I have been cleaning, working and exercising all there hasn't been much to tell.  The only outing I have coming up is a visit to Dr. de Sade (not his real name) Friday to let him turn me into a voodoo doll.  I have been going to a chiropractor for acupuncture every week.  It's not that enjoyable, but I do feel pretty good, so I guess it's working.

The next update will actually be the online show at coming up on March 23-25th.  I have been working hard and should have lots of nice pieces for you!

I will post again when I have something interesting to talk about!  In the mean time stay warm, and have a lovely day!

Hugs, Kelly


Joy said...

Oh dear, alone on Valentines Day, poor thing. Compensate with chocolate!
I did you feature on my blog this week if you have time for a peek.

Waynestonbears said...

I will be alone on V'day as well :( I guess I would be spending my night sewing at home. Feel free to come chat with me on facebook that day... HAHAHA :)

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