Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Movies & Books

One of the fun things about summer are the blockbuster larger than life action/adventure movies that come out.  I was going over the list of up and coming movies.  I have to tell you, this year seems like a bit of a let down.  There was very little that caught my attention.  R cannot wait until the new MIB3 comes out.  I will go and most likely enjoy it...but I am not quite as excited as he is. 

I went through the list, and I was rather surprised at what all they are offering this year.  For many Spiderman, Batman, and Bourne movies are they going to make?  Just for the record, the character of Jason Bourne isn't even in this one.  I also read that Spiderman had a low budget.  On top of that, the new Total Recall movie doesn't take place on Mars at all.  Ho hum.

I would go see Rock Of Ages since I am from that era if it had anybody else starring in it besides Tom Cruise.  Seriously...anybody else at all. Anybody!

I am rather interested in seeing Prometheus, and possibly Dark Shadows...although I am not sure on the latter.  Lets face it, most of us love Johnny Depp, but I am nervous this is going to be another Willy Wonka-esque fiasco.  I have a vague recollection of the original Dark Shadows, and I think this will be a huge departure.  They both have their campy aspects, but in very different ways.  Plus to be honest, I am so seriously over this vampire fad.  Vampires were never my thing anyway.  I actually tried to watch the first Twilight movie on TV one night to see what all the fuss was about, but I couldn't make it through it.  Maybe I am too old?  But Dark Shadows isn't the only vampire fare this summer.  They also have "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" coming out.  Really?  I will pass.

The other thing I enjoy are new summer books.  I will tell you I simply cannot wait for the new James Rollins novel, "Bloodline"  to hit next month.  I love that man's books with a passion, and I will be waiting as they unpack the boxes at Barnes & Noble.

I did find a list of new books that have either just come out, or are about to.  With the popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey, naturally there is a ton of deviant erotica about to hit and ride it's coat tails.  Now I have to level with you, I am no fan of erotica, and I have not read Fifty Shades...nor do I intend to. I do know several people who have read it, and they weren't impressed and even called it tedious.  To me reading that sort of thing is like spectator sports...I would rather play than watch (or in this case read) from the sidelines.  But I find this rash of new books disturbing.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance?  You know the kind that doesn't involve BDSM?  I am not judging...if you like to read it or participate in it, that's up to you.  I am just saying when it comes to books...mix it up a little.  Besides give me adventure any day over erotica.  Don't get me wrong, I am still a girl, and I like romance in books and movies now and again.  But I prefer it in real life!

So if any of you stumble across some good movies or books this summer...let me know.  What I found was pretty disappointing.  Oh well at least I won't be tempted to eat movie theater popcorn and ruin my diet!


Katy Cameron said...

I can't remember the last time I was that excited that I had to carve out time to go to the cinema rather than wait for a film to come out on TV, and although MIB3 will be funny, I'm sure, I'll wait for that to hit the small screens. As for the rest, none of them are really doing it for me, and I never got the vampire thing either, especially the Twilight series!

Book wise, there's a new Christopher Brookmyre coming out, which I can't wait for, but it's Glasgow based humourous crime fiction, so might not be as appealing to you. Can never be bothered with book that are just romance, so I can skip that 50 shades book (that I'd never heard of before anyway!)

Kays Kids said...

I'm hopeless, when I go to the movie's it can't be violent, can't be out of space, or ninja type movie's. It has to be a wonderful story that ends up with happy ever after.

Heather said...

Ahh, see, I'm going to have to disagree... this summer holds way more movie excitement for me than last summer did.

Starting with The Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers. Hmm, the last two were both Joss Whedon, go figure. I really enjoyed all of these... so already my summer movie going has started out right XD

Prometheus will absolutely be on the list of things to go see (the preview is really well done, and has increased my anticipation for this movie ten-fold), as will Brave (I'm really excited about a Scottish Disney "Princess"... and Pixar hasn't steered me wrong yet)

The Dark Knight Rises will also be on the must see list, because I kind of love Batman, plus I'm interested to see how Anne Hathaway does as Catwoman. I've found that she's an actress I often underestimate, and will pull out stellar performances from the roles I expect her to do poorly in... and unlike Spiderman, I've really enjoyed the Christian Bale as batman arc of Batman movies. Yes, Bale's Batman voice can be a little over the top, but then, so is dressing like an enormous bat and fighting crime. XD I thought Heath Ledger as the Joker was amazing... and I'm hoping for the same sort of shock and awe performance from the actors cast in this newest one.

I'm also kind of interested in seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, all of the previews make it look like Charlize Theron does an amazing job at being the Evil Queen.

And I have to admit, I will absolutely be there for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I read the book, and I LOVED the book. It was an amusing twist on history, and I don't think Mr. Lincoln has ever been quite so bad-a$$. Yes... he was an amazing president, and his real world feats are pretty bad-a$$, but this book was just a lot of action-packed adventure that follows Lincoln's timeline, but inserts snippets of the paranormal in a way that is really fun (haha, like the man needed more of a mission than he already had XD)

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