Friday, September 28, 2007

Dirty Little Secrets And Things That Go Bump In The Night

We all have our dirty little secrets. Things we aren't proud of. Things we would rather not have the world know about us. But since I am a full disclosure kinda girl I am going to tell you mine...I like reality TV. *Shock, horror, oh noes* Yup it's true. I am not even ashamed of it any more. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I am going to come clean on something else; I love weird things. Ghosts, UFO's, Nessie...bring it on baby! Now don't confuse my love of weirdness for belief. They are not the same.

I do believe the universe is teaming with life, if you don't just study the Drake equation and get back to me. But I don't believe UFO's are coming here. It makes no sense. Why travel a kabillion skillion (Disclaimer: this is a rough estimation, not an exact figure, so if you go flyin around lookin for aliens and get lost don't blame me) miles to come here and play hide and seek with us? And seriously how many abductions would this "superior" race have to do before they got it right. I believe if they were advanced enough to get here they would either announce themselves outright or we would never know they came and went.

I don't believe in ghosts in the conventional sense either. I do believe that we leave a plasma imprint wherever we go and that during times of trama, that imprint is stronger. When you get a nice little electromagnetic field goin you can see those imprints. In our world of computers and electronic gadgetry our electromagnetic field output grows exponentially daily. So that accounts for larger numbers of ghost sightings. But as for souls trapped? I should hope not. I don't like reruns that much now, why would I want to relive something over and over and over after I am gone. Or if I were one of those cognizant sorts of ghosties why would I want to take all my afterlife energy to open and close doors, slide chairs around or pull someone's hair? It just doesn't make sense. I believe the afterlife holds more for us than that. And a little note for those of you who believe that this is it, there is no afterlife...I have a little basic scientific proof for ya. Energy doesn't die. Once energy is created it travels around the universe forever. So your energy that keeps your electrical synapses goin will simply leave your body, but it won't stop being. Think about that will ya! There is a quote from a book I read once that was so fitting, it said: "Science and religion are not at odds, science is simply too young to understand yet." Isn't that fabulous!

Now when it comes to Nessie...that one I believe in. There IS somethin in that lake. I could go into the whole marine biology speech on why I think that but I won't since you've already had physics. Nuff said!

All this doesn't stop me from watching every UFO show, Ghost Hunters which I love (Go Jason and Grant, woo!) and a whole host of other mind numbing crap on TV. I love other kinds of reality TV too. The Bachelor, Family Jewels, and Survivor just to name a few. I don't like American Idol though, I don't think they should be so mean to people who have the guts to go try out. If they are bad just thank them politely for their time and move on. Why does that english guy have to be so rude? One of my greatest regrets is that I cannot sing, and it gives me terror to even think about singing in front of someone. I once ran out of a choir final in high school crying because I had to sing solo and my fear was so great. I feel the same way about rollercoasters too. I would rather take on all the aliens, ghosts and sea monsters you can find than sing or go on a roller coaster. *Shudders*

So there you have it, those are my dirty little secrets. *Hangs her head in shame* And now I have to get back to things that go bump in the the way of a spectral rabbit I am workin on, tis the season for things ghostly!

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