Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancing With The Stars (Warning - Spoiler From Last Night Within)

I like to watch DWTS. We watched the first season and enjoyed it, but then we dropped off because of something else that was on at the same time. Last season my friend got me back into watching it. (R chose not to.) So I have been watching this season as well. It's refreshing to watch something on the wholesome side. There is too much we allow on TV these days and it turns me off a bit. If you haven't seen last night's episode and are watching the show, don't read further because I am going to give away who got eliminated.

Last night they eliminated the last person before the finale. That person was Joanna Krupa. Before DWTS I had never heard of her. While I still have virtually no concept of anything else she has done, I felt that she really established herself on the show, and I was rooting for her to win. It was shocking that she got eliminated.

My choices were Joanna to win, Kelly 2nd and Donny 3rd. Despite being a fabulous dancer, the ONLY reason I don't have Mya in that line up is because she is a performer and therefore a professional, so I am not convinced she should have been a contestant. Donny was a performer, but he has been out of the loop for a long time so I think he came in back at square one. Ultimately I believe either Mya or Kelly will win.

Kelly could win because she is very young and young people win on this show frequently. I wouldn't mind if she won, because it has been heartwarming to see her turn into a lady, and when they said her puppy passed away I felt sad for her. I know how that feels, and can imagine she was heartbroken. I also think this garnered her extra votes.

Donny has a certain age group behind him, and he is funny and a great showman. For this reason I wouldn't mind seeing him win.

Mya at this point is the best dancer, and I wouldn't mind seeing her win on performance alone. She is clearly superior to the other two.

I still feel Joanna should have ultimately won. It was clear she worked very hard to become a dancer when she wasn't one. But last season I felt that Gilles should have won too, and he came in second to another young person.

I am not sure that the audience should count for half the vote. I think 1/3-1/4 would be sufficient. While it's fun that they let people vote, all too often it comes down to a popularity contest and not the skills they have learned over the course of their lessons.

Joanna, you're still a winner in my book! Good for you for putting your heart and soul into it!


Bumpkin Hill said...

I love watching the same show on BBC, they are a few weeks to go from the final :) Hugs, Catherine x

Carol Roll said...

Well they are all very good but I just have a nostalgic wish for Donny.

GerryART said...

Thanks for the update. We missed it, darn it.
I guess if I were voting I suppose it would be for Kelly. She really has changed and her dancing has truly turned into something.

Heather said...

Kelly... I think you should make a Narwhal! It can be the Christmas of the Narwhal XD

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