Friday, November 6, 2009

Images From A Fall Day

A few hardy aspen leaves are still clinging to the trees. You can see the frost blackening on the edges. Unfortunately it went from warm to below zero literally overnight and stayed that way for days so we didn't get the lovely fall colors we usually do.

I have no idea why people take pictures of their feet, but I always find it oddly intriguing. My intent was to photograph the leaves at my feet that I should have been raking, but didn't. I got my feet in the pic and decided to post that instead. I discovered that old gardening clogs and a billowy skirt do not make your ankles look delicate!

Basil was on the porch looking over at me. I finally got a rare photo of him smiling. I told you he smiled, but I am sure many of you didn't believe me. So there it is...proof positive!

Gypsy was also outside with me. Rizzo and the two dogs ran in the house when I went to get the camera so they didn't get to be photographed today. Gypsy may not smile like Basil, but she was definitely happy to be outside in the warm sunshine and trailing around after Mom while she was taking pictures.


heidi said...

I agree animals definatly smile,my oscar smiles all the time especially when his daddy gets in from work at night,its so funny!!x

Papillon Bleu said...

Cats do smile!I agree!
I love your lovely pictures .
I hope everything is fine in your lovely world .

Carmen Wing said...

I believed you :) I've seen my cats smile and even, I'm sure, laugh at the mishaps their daft human got up to. I really miss them. Your two are gorgeous.

Teresa Maria said...

Those kitty pictures are so cute!

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