Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tweet Cheat

Last night I received an e-mail saying I had a private message on Twitter. Now normally I don't bother with that because I don't really use Twitter anymore. But I went to see what this one was because it was from another artist friend. She had sent me something saying that she found a video of me on a site with a link. Being curious I went to have a look since there is video of me talking about and making bears floating around the world.

As it turned out, her account had either been hijacked or cloned and the link led to a phishing site. Now luckily my PC protection grabbed it and stopped me from looking at it. I changed my passwords anyway.

I get very tired of all the scamming and identity theft on the net sometimes. It doesn't matter how cautious or savvy to such things you are. You are always going to fall prey to something eventually because these criminals get smarter every day. Plus it looked genuinely legit since it appeared it came from a friend. There wasn't a single thing to imply it wasn't from her.

I would completely delete my Twitter account since I think it's sort of useless anyway, but I don't want anyone else using my name for nefarious reasons. If you get a link like this, make sure the person it shows it came from is actually the person who sent it before you click it! Also if you ever get a link on Twitter from me...I can guarantee you it wasn't really wasn't from me, so don't click it because I would never send a link in a private mail on Twitter!


Just A Girl said...

Hey Kelly

I've had so many emails saying a person is following me and when I go to their profile it's porn. I can't tell you how many people I've reported on twitter, but it's a crazy amount. Beware of anyone that has 1 tweet and is following 100's of people.

Oh and since I'm here, I'd love to join in on your Heart Felt Christmas party ;-). Could you please add me to your list...I'm never naughty, but always nice ;-).

I hope you have a fun day!
xoxo Cori

Heather said...

Twitter truly annoyed me when I tried using it.

I just didn't care what everyone was doing every second of the day... nevermind that you have all those fragmented conversations they're having with someone else!

No, I'll take blogging any day, where the posts are specific and the replies are related.

I've actually had my identity thefted, and let me tell you, it's a never ending pain in the keester.

Mia Sophia said...

I just educated my teen daughters on this as well. It's not just on twitter, but on facebook, too! It's just one of the newest, sleezy phishing schemes with no result other than to annoy and cause those affected to go crazy trying to fix it or delete their accounts.

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