Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Bad Week For Stairs

I am not sure what's going on at my house. It's been a rough week around here. As I told you I fell down the stairs on Monday.

Yesterday afternoon Buster, my enormous cocker spaniel, fell down the outside stairs. I had to rush him to the vet. He tore the ligaments in his knee on his hind leg. He is now at the vet having surgery that is costing a little more than two house payments. *groans* They said our only other alternatives were that he would be crippled for life or we would have to put him down. I didn't like either of those options, so here I am.

I won't be able to bring him home until tomorrow, assuming everything goes well. My poor little Jazzy was walking around the house last night with her favorite toy in her mouth kind of whining pitifully. I threw it for her, and instead of running after it like usual she just laid down and looked mournful. She doesn't understand why her buddy isn't here and I am sure she remembers when Chyna left and didn't come back at all, so she probably thinks Buster isn't coming back either. I have been trying to comfort and reassure her but how do you explain such things to a dog?

When I called R from the vet's office yesterday to give him the bad news, he said we just had to stop going down the stairs. I guess he will have to put in an elevator!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pup, I hate when one of our pets get sick or hurt...I hope he heals quickly and is back to himself in no time...Give Jazzy lotsa love! hugs, Jennifer

Kelly said...

Thank you, I am just waiting to hear back from the vet. He should be in surgery right now.

Carol Roll said...

Oh no! Kelly hope he is ok and I know you'll give him lots of love and attention while he recovers.

kanishk said...

..I hope he heals quickly
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