Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Journey

I haven't posted much the last few days because I have been a big mass of crying, crabbiness, earache, headache and perspiring.

It's been 4 1/2 years since my hysterectomy and after the initial insanity of the first six months or so, I have gotten away pretty lucky.  But all of a sudden lately it's reared it's ugly head again.  I really can't stand feeling emo and like I have no control over myself.  I don't know how to deal with perspiring so much since I never have been a sweaty girl.

By the way did you know that estrogen levels and ears are connected?  I kept thinking I was getting an inner ear infection, but as it turns out it's another lovely little bit of menopause fallout.

At any rate I didn't feel like posting.  But last night R was late so I was sitting and watching TV.  I was watching a rerun of "How I Met Your Mother."  I like that show pretty well, it's rather funny.  Last night's episode was about the baggage people have.  The character of Ted comes to the conclusion that everyone has baggage, including him. 

In our society we view that as a bad thing.  I don't know why.  As Ted learned, we all have baggage.  But is having baggage a bad thing?

When I pack for a trip, I get excited to get out my luggage.  I like luggage.  I have some nice vintage pieces around the house too.  But it implies I am getting ready for a new adventure.

So isn't emotional baggage simply what we carry with us from the adventures we have had in our lives?  Sure most of us would like to rid ourselves of at least some of it.  But if you aren't carrying any, doesn't it imply you haven't taken risks and you haven't been experiencing life to it's fullest. 

Not every thing we do, or every place we go is going to turn out perfectly.  Remember family vacations?  There was almost always some sort of minor incident on them...if not a full fledged catastrophe.  But what great memories they made!

When I look at my emotional suitcase I carry around, it has lots of travel stickers.  This latest little episode is just one more of them, and I can put a sticker on that says menopause.  It wasn't the best destination, but by golly I have visited there.  Maybe I would be happier to be unencumbered by it, but at least I can honestly say I have traveled many places along this journey called life!


Susan Pilotto said...

I hear ya...been there...done that...enjoyed this post. Susan

Heather said...

I liked this post too... maybe there should be emotional luggage and then emotional dead weight?

I also have a random question... I know you are a magazine fan, and I've seen a few of the titles you buy and like your choices in magazine... so what would you recommend as "Must Haves" for the Halloween season? I've already bought Martha Stewart's special Halloween issue, and the Oct Art Dolls... but beyond that, I'm not quite sure what's good and what's just not worth it!!!!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

I like this post very much. Baggage huh? Yeah, if it weren't for our having visited our "destinations" we wouldn't have the information for the trips ahead.....like that analogy. As for the sweating and the ear thing. As an Olde Bagg, since I passed through that humid pit filled jungle, I can tell you....it does end and you do feel so free on the other side. But right now I know you're yelling shutup at the screen and I can appreciate that....but it'll be better....that's a promise from the Olde Bagg

melanie said...

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through this, but you are so right about the baggage we carry. Personally I love every single piece of all my baggage, the good stuff and the bad! I strongly believe I wouldn't be where I am or the person I am today without all that baggage.

I do hope you get everything sorted and under control soon, which I am sure you will

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