Friday, September 3, 2010

~*~ Ovid ~*~

Sometimes I keep things for years before I use them.  Such was the case of this piece of wonderful patterned vintage mohair.  But I was feeling inspired to work with it this week.  Ovid is the result, and I think he is quite amazing.  I love the way he turned out.  The great thing about the vintage mohair that his body is made of is that it isn't stiff like vintage mohair can often be.  It's delightfully velvety and soft.

If you would like to visit Ovid on my website you can do that on the bears page.


ginger@bearbits said...

Very unique and such a nice piece. I like what you've done with the fur and the result is such a special bear.


lapousmor said...


This bear is really beautiful! Great work!


Ascension said...

Sencillamente genial, original y unico!!!!
besitos ascension

Katy Cameron said...

Oh what beautiful mohair, he looks very soft and cuddly

Heather said...

Oh... Ovid was the perfect use for that piece, lovely!! The colors and combination of elements is just beautiful.

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