Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pop Up Sale!

The Jelly Bean Bunnies will be on sale for 75.00 each + 8.00 US shipping or 12.00 International (they are regular 110.00) for the next 24 hours!  If you would like to adopt one just send me an e-mail using the link at the right specifying which color, and with your paypal address and I will send you an invoice.  It's first come, first serve!

I am off to bed right now, so you won't hear back from me until later today.

Blue has been adopted, but Yellow, Green and Pink are still crossing their paws and hoping for good homes!

Hugs, K.  <3

1 comment:

heibeni-bären said...

Hi Kelly,
I wish you a very nice and happy new year.
Your bunnys are soooo lovely :)
with beary hugs

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