Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creepy Cute

I love Halloween. I like carving pumpkins, I like a good haunted house story with mummies and werewolves and vampires...oh my! But I don't like gory or macabre stuff. I pretty much like the Hallmark version of Halloween. But every once in a while I don't mind something that is "creepy cute."

I went to run a bunch of errands and pick up salads from Target for dinner. While I have an intense dislike of K-mart and Walmart, and only go to those if I absolutely have to...I truly love Target. I used to work for them when I was 17 and they are a good company. They also have things that are a cut above the usual discount store fare, and frequently get designers and unusual brands to do exclusives for them.

They had gotten all of their Halloween stuff out, so naturally since I love holidays and decorating, I had to go have a look. This year they have a small selection of Skelanimals items. I fell prey to the wiles of a "Kit" the cat key chain/purse charm. They also had a spider, puppy, owl (which was equally adorable) and bat. I hadn't actually heard of Skelanimals before, but they are definitely a little creepy and a whole lot cute!

I just wanted to share this, because they looked like they were going fast already and I know that deep in the hearts of many adult bear artists and collectors lies a 15 year old who loves stuff like this! Kit is going to adorn my very fancy adult purse with pride this season...and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. *Giggles*

Hugs, K <3


Amanda said...

I can't wait to show my daughter, she is 14 and loves Hello Kitty and the like. She especially likes the punk rock Hello Kitty. I wonder if they sell these keyrings etc in the UK?, fab.

Heather said...

You can also find these guys at Hot Topic... they've little bags and such too.

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