Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Blues

Today I am typing to you from my back deck. It's 84 degrees and absolutely beautiful out, even with the haze finally reaching us from the California fires. My heart goes out to those people. This seems to happen to them every year.

The first of September always makes me feel a little melancholy. It signifies the ending of summer, which is my favorite season. This year is even worse, because we had so much rain that we barely had any summer. I don't think we have even had a month's worth of sunny days, so I feel a little cheated.

I finished the bear I was working on, and it's waiting to get costumed. I could have done it and photographed it this afternoon, but I wanted to take advantage of the day instead. You will see the bear by tomorrow I am sure.

The next upcoming projects are going to be a Halloween and Christmas pieces. (And maybe something else as well.) This is part of why September gives me the blues. While I love summer, when we get along to this time of year I have to start thinking about the holidays. That tends to put me in the mood for them too. So I kind of go directly from summer to a holiday mood a little too soon, and I get impatient for them. But nothing really happens after the first part of September so I feel like I am in a holding pattern. I have an ad due in a few weeks and it's for the Christmas issue of the magazine, so I have to think about that as well.

Next weekend will be fun though. I am dragging R off to Littleton for A Paris Street Market. I have not been to it before, so I am excited to see what sort of treasures they will have. Then of course every year we have the Balloon Classic, and I am sure we will get up to go watch them take off if the weather is good. That's always fun and the only day of the year I ever eat funnel cake. I have never entirely decided if I like it or not.

For now though...I hope summer sticks around just a little bit longer! I am going to go play frisbee with my puppies!

Hugs, K <3

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Amanda said...

In the UK we know what you mean, third rubbish summer in a row. They have promised a little bit of sun late half of september but they get it wrong so much. The children go back later this year so that seems odd too. 19 degrees here, mid 60's in old temp? Either way its not raining. Where has the year gone.

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