Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something Simple

Maybe I can do simple afterall. I was looking at my gingerbread man pattern this afternoon and thought...hmmm...maybe I can turn this into a bear, and voila! I did!

I think it turned out pretty cute. Since it was derived from my gingerbread pattern, I needed a "sweet" name for the little guys. I finally settled on "Cubcakes." Button Cubcake is the prototype, but I have another one cut out already. You should be seeing the first one to be available very soon.

Hugs, Kelly <3


Sandy said...

What a darling little bear!

Heather said...

AH! I love this little guy!!!

I love tiny little things... especially in multiple... so I can't wait to see more!

julietk said...

He's adorable, what material did you use to make him,Just curious, Juliet

Kelly said...

Thank you all! He is made out of German wool felt Juliet.

Bramblewood Bears said...

Cubcakes...what a perfectly cute name for a superb lil' gingerbread bear! Great job and has me thinking of Christmas!
Bear Hugs,
Bramblewood Bears

julietk said...

Thanks Kelly, is that German woolfelt strong stuff ? I find most felt I see looks pretty flimsy.Probably because they intend it for kids crafts. Juliet

Kelly said...

No no, this is the wool felt that comes from the mohair importers that we use for paw pads on the bears. It's the stuff that has lasted for 100 years on old bears. This is not like craft store felt.

julietk said...

I thought it would be something more suitable. Thanks for the answers , Mini Hugs Juliet:-D

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