Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Love: Making The Effort

I do not like to cook. When R and I got married we agreed he would do the cooking. He is very good at it. In the past few years however he has to drive so much for work, and is gone from home about 13-15 hours a day so now I do the cooking.

I still don't like it, and I am not very good at it. It really stresses me out, especially if I have to use more than one pot or pan for each thing...or have to get several things all done at the same time. I can do simple things like spaghetti, baked chicken, salads, soups, etc. I make an awesome roast, but that's thanks to the slow cooker and french onion soup mix. However, every once in a blue moon I get a Donna Reed inspiration, and feel like attempting something fancy.

I like to do it so he knows I care and want to make that extra effort for him. Of course there are usually a few hysterical fits to be heard from the kitchen, but whatever I make usually turns out ok.

In truth I would probably make more fancy things, but R is picky about what he eats. He doesn't care for broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, artichokes, seafood, capers, or anything foreign other than Mexican and Italian. All of those things I listed are things I love. So it presents a challenge.

The August issue of Victoria Magazine was their annual British issue. They had a recipe for Beef Wellington, and R loves both beef and I thought there it is...the perfect thing! Now I have to tell you, working with puff pastry terrifies me more than the thought of swimming with sharks.

I also had to make a beurre rouge sauce to go with it, which separates if you heat it too much, and horror of horrors, it has to be served immediately! Then of course on top of all that, I had to make a side dish which also had to be done at the same time. I was going to make Yorkshire Pudding to go with it, but we decided that would be a bit much and just settled for peas.

By some small miracle it all got done at the same time. When I served it, I waited nervously for him to take a bite and see what his reaction was. He liked it! It turned out great, and it looked nice too. Of course I have never had Beef Wellington before, so I don't really have a basis for comparison, but I think it was good.

As I was washing the mountain of pots and pans required to make it, I realized that maybe what made it taste so good was the love and effort I put into it by searching for something he would like and going outside my comfort zone to make it. I just hope he tasted that too.

Tonight though, we are having grilled lemon chicken and tablouli stuffed tomatoes, whether he likes it or not! *grins*

Hugs, K <3

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Sounds wonderful, well done! Yorkshire puddings are lovely but I cheat and buy ready made ones that take 4 minutes to cook!

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