Monday, May 24, 2010

More Mouth Troubles

Books like "The Secret" would have you believe that you make your own luck by being positive. They suggest that if you have positive thoughts, positive things will happen to you. They also suggest that if you have negative thoughts you attract negative energy to you and bad things happen. Well that might be true to a certain extent, but I think sometimes things just happen regardless what your state of mind might be.

Saturday I woke up in a very positive mood. I hadn't gone 12 feet across my floor before I stepped down wrong and popped my knee out joint. I have never had that happen before, and I can tell you it hurts a great deal. I popped it back into place (which didn't really feel any better) and I was left with a pulled muscle that has had me hobbling around all weekend.

Sunday morning I woke up, and despite having a painful knee I was still in a fairly positive frame of mind. R had been called into work for an emergency, so I was on my own for lunch. I had just settled down to a lovely chicken, fruit and spinach salad. I ate one strawberry, and took a bite of chicken when I bit down on something very hard. At first I thought it was a bone, but I realized quickly that a bone wouldn't be rattling around like a chicklet. My next thought was that the filling they had put into my broken tooth from earlier in the month had come out. But instead what landed in my hand was my crown. It had just fallen off.

I do not know what is going on with my mouth this month. At any rate that left me with the gum graft on one side and the exposed tooth...or what's left of it after they carve it down for the crown on the other. That meant no solid food today.

I don't know why these things always happen on the weekends when you can't get to the doctor or dentist.

R didn't make in home in time for dinner so I had to limp into the kitchen to make tomato soup which I sucked through a straw. He kindly brought me a shake for later when he did get home. There really are very few foods that require no chewing. Hopefully I can get into the dentist tomorrow so they can cement it back on. The good news is that the tooth didn't break, it just looks like the glue gave way.

I am pretty sure I didn't bring this on myself. I think sometimes the universe just throws things at you willy nilly.

I spent my evening watching the Lost finale. Honestly I found it very unsatisfactory, but I was pretty sure it would be. I guess it was supposed to make us think and all that, but I think enough. I like TV to be a lovely, well spelled out escape from all my thinking.

To leave this on a positive note though...Agadeze was adopted today and will be winging his way to France as soon as I can stand up long enough to go to the post office.

Usually people hate Mondays, but I am happy it's here! I hope your weekend was better than mine! Hugs, K. <3


Heather said...

Yay for a bear adoption and boo for all the rest!

Ahh, the Lost finale... the lesson of 6 years of mystery? Don't Pull The Plug.

Were there answers with the lesson? No.
Did we need them?
Ahh well.

Kelly said...

Oh Heather "don't pull the plug" just made me laugh!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the tooth! Hope you managed to get it fixed today.

Yay for bear adoptions too :o)

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