Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not Again!!!

I cried. I did, I couldn't help it because my frustration was so great. I hate to cry, especially in public. But R and I went out for lunch before doing some much needed grocery shopping. Halfway through lunch my crown fell off AGAIN. This time however, I swallowed it.

I am tellin ya this stuff ALWAYS happens on the weekend. I don't understand why it fell off again. I was careful and followed all the instructions last time to the letter.

I called the on call dentist who wasn't even remotely concerned and said he had been going without a crown on his for a year and a if that would make me feel better.

Then he said; "maybe you will find it." I said; "oh no, I swallowed it." He said "yes I know"....*insert look of utter horror here*

Now like any artist I can get very messy sometimes. But messy is not the same as dirty. I live wayyy across the border in OCD land about being dirty. I even used a spoon to make mud pies as a kid so I didn't have to touch the dirt. I am nearly hermetically clean all the time. I have spent literally years developing ways to make the bears look old and dirty that is absolutely non toxic and completely irrevocably clean.

The thought of what he was suggesting was more than my brain could begin to process. I didn't even know what to say...I think it was something like "eeeeewwwwwohhhhhhhnoooooo" that faded off into a silent scream while my brain just shut down. He may as well have just suggested I drink a nice glass of iced sewer water. I know they would sterilize it, I know it's going to cost a fortune for a new one...and I don't care. NOTHING that has passed through my system is ever going back in my mouth, and that's that! There isn't enough boiling water and bleach in the world.

But since I know they will have to make a new one, that probably means everything I will be eating for the rest of the week will be sucked through a straw. I am so sad because R was going to make his famous BBQ chicken for Memorial Day. Ok well it's not famous...but it's so good it should be. Instead I will be having a nice can of microwavable tomato soup. I think I am going to go cry again.

I will still be making my announcement tonight though. Until then...K.


bensonbear said...

Oh Kelly, that's soooooo bad! I'm surprised he even dared making the suggestion! I wonder if it would be in useable condition after it's travels through the digestive tract.....barring the germs that is :P

Kelly said...

Well from what I read on the internet (I looked out of morbid curiosity) a lot of people "recover" them because they are really expensive. They are perfectly reusable if you sterlize them and they aren't cracked or anything.

One person even went on to say your dentist you would be the only ones who knew...but that's just it. I would KNOW! XD

I called my insurance company to see how much they would cover and she said if it's been under 5 years all of it, and if it's over 50%. It's been in the neighborhood of 5 years. With the luck I have been having lately, probably 5 years and two days or something.

At any rate I told her what that other dentist said and she said oh please don't do that. I said don't worry I wasn't going to.

I had a porcelain and gold one, so it will be expensive, but not completely tragic.

I guess that's the best I can hope for at this point. The good news is if it falls off again right away I am covered, but it's such a process wearing the temporary and waiting for the new one. I am really tired of mouth troubles this month.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh no! I hope the insurance covers it all for you

Unknown said...

Oh, poor you....that deserves a good cry. I, too, hope your insurance covers it.

Heather said...

I'm so sorry to hear this :(

Thank goodness Insurance will at least cover half of it, it's better than nothing!

And yeah... poo-crown sounds like something for the king of dung beetles, not for your mouth... I can't blame you... no matter the sterilization, you would still know.

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