Monday, June 15, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth

R would like to believe he is a very tough guy who rules our household with an iron fist. Neither thing is even remotely true. His guys at work would tell you he is a very tough but very fair boss however. He is a completely different guy at work.

I remember one time I wanted to get a new puppy. One of our dogs had passed away leaving only Buster and Chyna. Chyna came to our house after being raised in a kennel for six months and she never learned to play. Buster was very frustrated because his buddy was gone and he had no one to play with. Chyna was frustrated because he kept trying to play with her and she thought that was really annoying.

We had gone to lunch in Denver and I said I would like to get a playmate for Buster. R said no, absolutely not. 3 hours later we were driving home with a little white scrap of fur. *grins*

We had taken that same little scrap of fur to get a new collar about two years later when I saw Gypsy in the pet store. I really wasn't looking for a new cat but I just fell in love with her, and R said you absolutely cannot have another cat. We left the store and drove the mile home, halfway there he said ok we will drop Jazzy off and get the cat carrier. Now keep in mind that I didn't even bug him about these things, he just has a soft spot for animals and me.

About a month ago there was an advertisement on TV for the Ringling Bros circus. I said I wanted to go, and he naturally said why? I asked him if he wanted to go and he said no. I have been in the mood to drag him around to go see and do things.

The circus was Saturday night and we had a wonderful time. He really enjoyed it too. *grins again* I especially liked the elephants. I know people say it's cruel to have animals in the circus but honestly they seem to really enjoy it. I remember seeing an elephant playing at the zoo. He had a 50 gallon barrel he was throwing around and chasing like a dog toy. Elephants like attention, they like to put on a show and they seemed pretty well cared for. There were so many things to look at, that it was almost overwhelming. It was a great source of inspiration too.

I tried to get some pics but most of them turned out partially blurry because so many things were constantly going on. I did get a couple pics of the elephants that aren't too bad, but the lighting wasn't that great so I will post them, but keep in mind they aren't my best photos.

If you were like us and hadn't been to the circus in a while, I highly recommend going. It was a really fun evening and a great way to embrace your inner child!

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