Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Golden Age

I keep having all these lovely little topics I want to post about, and tonight is no different. I was going to tell a cute story about one of my cats. But as usual I have been reading and thinking and when I do that I make those posts instead that no one comments on. I am not sure if people just don't know what to make of them and prefer not to look directly at them or me, or if they glaze over and don't read them, much like R when I tell him these things. But my mind chooses to work the way it does and I am sure there is a reason for it. So on with the post...

The other day when I was letting the chiropractor work his sadistic machinations on me, he told me I have "an old soul." This is something that people tell me with amazing frequency. I have to level with you, I don't know what they mean when they say that exactly. I have even less of an idea why people keep saying it to me.

Once in a while though I think perhaps they might be right. I don't buy into reincarnation for the simple fact that the numbers don't add up for me. On the other hand I don't want to rule out the possibility because I just don't know. But sometimes I have knowledge on things I don't really think I should have. I can't say where it come from. Maybe we all have it and it's just coded into our DNA, but not everyone chooses to sort through the old dusty pages to seek it out.

Years ago I read an article by a man whose name I don't recall, but his theory was that the culmination of intelligence and technology isn't a straight uphill line the way we seem to believe. Instead that the line goes up and down hills in a wave pattern. When I read the article I was surprised because I had always thought that was true, although I can't say how I came to this conclusion.

Tonight I read another article, it echoed the one I had read years ago. It was pretty fascinating really. In the article the writer says that our consciousness and level of self awareness, intelligence, understanding and technology rises and falls. We have golden ages where we reach an apex and then we start the downhill descent into a dark age.

I think if we look back at history on a large scale this is pretty self evident. It's the nature of civilizations to grow smarter and more advanced and then decline into obscurity.

The article goes on to talk about periods of history where things like being psychic and having a greater sense of our energy and what we can accomplish with our minds is commonly accepted. At the end the writer quotes a verse from the Bible. He says that even Christ himself said "These things that I do, so shall you do also and greater things." to back that theory up. While that verse is taking slightly out of context an obscure thought popped into my head.

(This is the part coming up where you can either glaze over if you haven't already or you can start to wonder about my sanity. I am also fairly certain what I am about to type is heretical and possibly blasphemous. However it was just a weird wayward thought and in no way diminishes my faith or is trying to poke fun at anyone elses.)

But there is another type of proverbial Golden Age in history. There is are a couple very small windows of time over the course of history when all of our greatest spiritual leaders cropped up. Christ for those of us who are Christian, Buddha, Kukulcan, and a whole host of others. There have been other small windows previous to the ones we follow today where other gods cropped up in previous ancient cultures.

Believing in a higher power is the common thread among all races that have ever lived on this planet no matter how diverse they were in other ways. There is a common theme in most religions. Have a childlike faith, be good and treat people the way you want to be treated, be compassionate, well rounded in body and spirit and help those less fortunate. Another common theme is that most of these figures all promise in one way or another to return.

It is also prophesied in most of them that mankind will attain certain God like abilities before it's all said and done. So taking those bits of information and assembling like a puzzle, I had my wayward thought.

What if...just suppose for a moment...that possibly these people are from our future. If in our future we manage to achieve time travel. If that were the case, it would certainly be proof that they will indeed be (re)born and come again. It could also explain how they possessed accurate future knowledge of events that hadn't taken place yet, and how they had powers that were beyond the understanding of the time.

I know it's a far fetched notion. It's not something I seriously believe, it was just one of those wayward thoughts that cross my over crowded brain pan. I should keep these things to myself, because I know how people will react. But sometimes ya just have to put it out there because right or wrong, it's always good to make people think.

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Heather said...

I actually love your posts like this... I love being given topics to ponder... and I've had some rather out-there religious ponderings myself, so I appreciate a pause to think outside of the box, no matter how strange it may seem! (Or, for that matter, how much it's just an idle, wandering thought on our own part)

Oddly, I have no trouble envisioning Buddha as a time traveler... but I still wonder about Christ, and can't help but think of Jesus Christ, Superstar when they sing "If you'd come today you would have been the whole nation, Israel in b.c. had no mass communication" ... I'd have to wonder why he chose THAT time to go to... or maybe it really is just for the legacy... if he dies during time travel in the past before he was born, does he still get to come back at some point in the future?

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