Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something's Got To Give

I had a fun little topic I was going to post about today, but I thought I should sort of give an update instead since I know many of you are waiting for new bears.

I think we have all heard the phrase one step forward and two steps back. I have always believed things like to happen in their own time, but this time it seems to be taking too long much to my chagrin. Right before we went to Barbados I had to go to the doc for my yearly check up and round of blood tests for my pills. I have an under active thyroid and PKD so they insist I get check ups. My doctor is not of the newer variety that likes to push pills, so when he suggested a diet pill I was rather surprised.

I am by no means a thin woman, but I am also not particularly unhealthy with the exception of a few little nagging issues like those mentioned above. However, I took his advice to heart...just not in the way he suggested. While I know the pills I take now are necessary, I am not on board with the notion that a pill is the answer to everything.

Instead R and I decided to join a gym, we had been talking about it anyway. I figured healthy exercise is far better than a pill. I belonged to a gym a few years ago and enjoyed going immensely. The only reason I stopped going was because they were having issues with the pool filter that never seemed to get fixed and I kept getting ear infections. Shortly after I had to have a hand surgery and never got around to joining another one.

The new gym is really amazing, it's brand new and has so many amenities you can't imagine. When we joined was the same time I got the kink in my neck, but I hadn't realized it wasn't going to go away on it's own yet.

I have been trying to alternate the gym with the chiropractor and this morning I woke up and discovered I was so sore I couldn't move. The gym is working new muscles that haven't been worked in a while. The chiropractor is using such intense acupressure that it left me covered in bruises.

Since my mental state wanted to join the fun, Basil, my cat had to have bladder surgery last week to remove 3 very large stones. A few days after the surgery he managed to jump and pull the internal sutures so we had to do it again. Naturally all of this was incredibly stressful from worrying about his well being and the accompanying bill so soon after having to get the new washing machine from the flood we had a couple weeks ago.

It may seem as if I am complaining or telling my tale of woe for sympathy. But I promise you I am not, it's just that the result of all of this is that the bear I cut out two weeks ago is still sitting on my machine in pieces. I either can't find the time to make him or I am too sore when I do. I figured you should know what's going on and why there hasn't been anything new.

As I was laying in bed this morning with one cat on my stomach and another howling from the cage he has been relegated to until he heals a bit, willing my muscles to move and discovering the harsh reality that I am not super woman but just a mere mortal afterall...I realized something has to give.

I always feel like someone put a cork in that creative place in my soul when I cannot work for so long. I cancelled tomorrows chiropractic appointment, told the vet I would bring Basil for his checkup on Monday not Saturday, and put off the gym for today. I am going to make a store run, then relax this evening and not abuse myself, then tomorrow I am going to devote myself to that bear.

So I apologize to those of you who have been patiently waiting...they are coming, soon...very soon...


ginger@bearbits said...

Take good care of yourself. I hope you will enjoy the day you've planned. Happy healing to all of you.

Pieceful Bits said...

Sometimes you just gotta take care of You! Hope it is a relaxing day!

Jessica Cauthon said...

Darlin, you need a steaming hot bubble bath with the door closed. Since the cat is relegated to a cage for the time being, just go settle in a hot bath for an hour or so. It'll help your sore muscles definitely, if not more.

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