Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning Glorys

When I first moved here I tried quite a few times to grow Morning Glory's and they simply wouldn't grow. I planted them this year in the new garden with no expectations. But they surprised me. The thing is, I am usually asleep when they're open. But a few weeks ago I did catch a couple pale pink ones.

Night before last I had a nap so I stayed up until about 7:30.  I was really tired and about to go to bed when it occurred to me I should go have a peek.  I wasn't prepared for the sight that met my eyes.  I had a few more pink, some really deep purple...and HUGE blue ones.  It was like a fairy land in the early morning sunrise.  I had to snap a few pics just to share with you!

Aren't they amazing!  It certainly made my morning!

Hugs, K. <3


Janet Ghio said...

I love morning glories. I had a neighbor whose fence was covered with blue ones. I think they are gorgeous! Some places they are considered to be pests, because they spread so much--go figure....

Princesa Nadie said...

I love your morning glorys
I had a Blue dream with them and the fairies in my blog only two days ago too!

Katy Cameron said...

So glad you caught them at last, they're beautiful

Amanda said...

Ha ha, if they were only out early morning, I'd never get to see them! They are gorgeous.

Alba Linea said...

the flowers are so beautyfull! i love them very much! best wishes and big bear hugs! ;0)

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