Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

We have all been waiting and watching for Spring to arrive, and it's finally here!

Ok actually this is what they were looking at...

I took these last Spring and I forgot to post them.  It's not that leafy and green here yet.  Actually Colorado tends to get most of our snow in Spring.  But I do love warm days despite the fact that my house is inundated with critters.  We get lots of squirrels and for some reason, lots of snakes.  I had one that was determined to live in my garage no matter how many times I relocated him.  I am sure he will be back this year too.

I also had two mystery animals that moved into the garden.  They ran so fast I couldn't ever see what they were.  One of them even ran right between my feet and I still couldn't tell what it was for sure.  I think they may have been horned toads.  Whatever they were, they definitely weren't mice.  And they love gardens.


Fork said...

Oh my goodness those kitties are so funny!

Jenna said...

Your cats are beautiful! our cats like watching critters to...we had mice in our garage until we found where they were getting in...yuck! I would have rather had a critter that I couldn't tell what it was! LOL! Come visit my blog and enter my giveaway! hugs, Jennifer

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